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Representation Essentials

During the 20+ years CSN Commercial has been representing Tenants, the most important four steps CSN takes in serving our clients starts with us getting to know them, their needs, their brand and their objectives. After understanding the Brand and their concept, we apply our industry knowledge to assist with their Real Estate Objectives. 

In order to best serve our clients interest, we need to understand the Brand and concept. By understanding the Brand we are able to properly present our clients product to prospective Landlords. We are also able to accurately identify opportunities in the market and are able to identify problems ahead of time and solve them as they appear. Overall, our understanding of the Brand makes us more receptive to our clients needs.

It all goes back to the basics: "know your consumer". Our clients spend a great deal of time researching and understanding their consumers, we are then able to use that research, plug in the numbers, and test it with real time statistics and results. We are able to explore different obstacles, like competition, and use our data to predict and show changes in prices, demographics in the marketplace, and consumer reports. We use our experience with previous concepts to better advise, and serve.

After understanding the key componants of the brand, and the target audience, we are able to match this information to the real estate market using market trends, comparison reports for sales, demographics, traffic counts, recent sales, leases coming up, new leases signed. Its additionally important to understand who the big players are, where is the competition, who is coming in and who is leaving the market. 

It all comes down to this. Using the above mentioned information, data, analytics and market surveys, we help choose the perfect location for the Brand. Though site selection leans a lot on the market, choosing the actual site involves many more steps in interpreting what a good site is. We will cover this in the next Essentials section.  

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