CSN Commercial's Investment Sale's Unique Advantage

CSN Commercial’s uniqueness comes through with three defining principles which continue to distinguish its services and capabilities in the real estate brokerage community:

CSN Commercial specializes in each step and detail of the Acquisition and Disposition process, assisting our clients in their commercial real estate investment needs.

Because the most effective market knowledge and expertise can only be generated through specialization, our investments team are committed and focused on investment brokerage services making sure our clients always get the best value out of their investments.

We emphasis on the key skill sets that add value to our clients. From our Brokers Opinion of Value (BOV), to the underwriting process that accurately assesses the property. From our marketing and research capabilities, to walking our clients through the due diligence process all the way to the close of escrow.

Our teams are further specialized in building strong and meaningful personal relationships with owners and investors, creating a strong bond and background of friendship built on professionalism and trust that help mesh our minds and skills together to create a superior product every time. 

CSN Commercial provides one of the industry’s highest quality due diligence services in real estate transactions. By adding value to our client’s sales and investments we accomplish our goal is brokers.

Every year thousands of deals are closed between sellers and buyer on commercial properties throughout the United States of America. If proper due diligence is not conducted, value add opportunities can be easily over sighted and thousands of dollars can be left on the table (sometimes even more).


At CSN Commercial we will help you understand this process and assist you in making the best decisions that can significantly boost the value of your properties and investments now, and in the future. Through our due diligence expertise, we have the ability to perceive the full picture of any property, and recognize every side of the investment.


CSN Commercial also offers consulting sessions that help our clients with any questions or concerns in selling and buying commercial real estate, during every stage of the transaction.

CSN Commercial operates with a culture that creates information sharing among its agents and the brokerage community part of our routine. We understand clients’ interests are best served when all of our agents present investment opportunities to each other and to our extended network resulting in:

1)  The broadest possible exposure, essentially “making a market” for each property, and;

2)  Utilizing our broad network within the brokerage community, we generate an immense amount of opportunities across the board,  giving us the ability to assist any buyer put together a deal fitted to their exact wants and needs, that also caters to their investment objectives and expectations. Ultimately, creating more investment opportunities for investors in any market.