Investment Sales:

CSN Commercial provides the most extensive services that make sure you get the most value out of your Commercial Real Estate Sales and Acquisitions.


Your interests will be well covered when selling properties, and you will get the most optimal value out of your sale. By working correctly, you can mitigate the chances of getting retraded on purchase price.

Rarely is a property worth the same when you sign the contract as when you finish the due diligence. When a thoroughly conducted deep dive is implemented, you can be more confident that you are getting the most value out of your investment. 

CSN's Unique Advantage

CSN Commercial’s uniqueness comes through with three defining principles which continue to distinguish its services and capabilities in the real estate brokerage industry:

1. Specialization

2. Due Diligence and Consultation

3. Leveraging our network to             “Make a Market”



Our open-source Basic Mortgage calculator can be a useful tool in determining the profitability of your potential investments. 


A good investment starts and ends with how it is financed. Use our Open source Investments calculator to interpret your returns.  


Read about some of the main ways you can add value to your investment goals.  


Shmuel Siegel

Vice President

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"I am here to make sure you get your legitimate money's worth, to make sure you are making a solid investment, and to make sure you are getting a good deal."

CSN Commercial

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