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Tenant Representation Essentials

Hello there, Stefan Siegel writing. Tenant representation has been my favorite aspect of the Real Estate arena for as long as I can remember. It is my love and passion and I would love to share more about how I see what being a Tenant Rep. is all about. 


Site Selection


Choosing the correct location is the most important decision every Retail Business needs to make. A lot of the business attributes can be changed and modified, but the location is there, and cannot be moved or changed during the lease term. Click here to learn more about this process. 


Letter of Intent (LOI) 


If the location you choose is like the body, the LOI and lease are the heart and brain of the operation. A well negotiated LOI will serve the Tenant the basic needs to operate his business, under the most favorable terms. Come and learn some of the most important points to concentrate on while negotiating your LOI. 

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