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CSN Commercial is a brokerage firm which focuses exclusively on Commercial Real Estate.  CSN Commercial’s mission is to maximize our client’s profitability and achieve our client’s objectives. CSN Commercial knows how to put our client’s needs first. Since late 2002, CSN Commercial has been the premier provider of real estate brokerage services nationwide. CSN Commercial is a unique boutique brokerage firm focused exclusively on results. By specializing 100 percent on our products, our agents provide our clients with superior market knowledge and transaction expertise geared specifically to the unique requirements of each property type. We developed a powerful and unique system which is the essence of CSN Commercial’s value proposition.


We combine comprehensive market research, state-of-the-art technology and communication systems with access to the industry’s largest pool of private and institutional investors.  The result is the most efficient process for matching Buyers and Sellers, Lessors and Lessees. We have large databases of clients who are constantly looking to buy, sell, and lease out more space.

CSN Commercial’s differentiation is made through our agents' specializing in all aspects of real estate transactions. Each of the team members are specialized in different arenas, providing our clients with accurate up-to-date market knowledge and the first-look opportunity to evaluate any deal. Together we form a relationship through cooperation and trust to put forth a true team effort.  This collaborative process is unique, producing more profitable opportunities and competitive advantages through great efficiency and speed. We understand your goals and interests, and we put YOU first!


We are diverse, both professionally and culturally. By transcending cultural barriers in the market, we are able to provide you the advantage of reaching new arenas of any investment. We provide superior service that is results-oriented.  We work hard to push for your interests as well as utilize contemporary theory and research with cutting edge technology in the real estate industry to keep you informed and offer analysis on recent deals and opportunities. 


Things Happen.

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