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Assisting tenants, sellers and buyers achieve maximum value out of every real estate transaction. 

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About   Us:

At CSN Commercial, our mission is to help each client achieve their real estate investment objectives. Using our extensive research capabilities, our agents develop optimal positioning, market information, creative financing and inventive marketing strategies for each client and property. CSN Commercial continues its effort as a specialized brokerage firm where we place our emphasis on working with our clients on a deeper and more personal level. Using our resources, we cater to every specific need and want.

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CSN Commercial’s uniqueness is distinguished by our personal approach. By building a close relationship with our clients, and understanding their needs we provides our clients with the most accurate up-to-date market knowledge and opportunities to get them the first look-in to evaluate every deal. Together, through cooperation and trust we understand your goals and interests, and we put YOU first!

Our Representation Advantage

CSN Commercial combines comprehensive market research, state-of-the-art technology and communications systems with access to the industry’s largest pool of private and institutional investors. 


The result is the most efficient process for matching buyers and sellers, Lessors and Lessees.


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Expert Positioning

CSN Commercial individually positions each of our client’s objectives to maximize results. Our agents conduct detailed market surveys and analyses to provide an accurate picture of the local markets and future outlooks. This in-depth understanding of the market allows us to better position your target audience and increase the value of your Business.  In addition, comparisons of market trends enable us to provide you daily with future opportunities.  We review comparable property rents, recent sales, current for-lease properties and local market conditions to provide the best market picture and brokers opinion of value (BOV).

We understand your objectives, goals and needs,

and put YOU first!

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